Alejandro Góngora


Alejandro teaches and choreographs ballet folklórico as a means to create community con corazón in DC. Alejandro is the founder and Producing Artistic Director of Corazón Folklorico DC INC. His mission is to create art with people and showcase Mexico’s rich cultural diversity and history. Alejandro believes dance and culture should be equally accessible to all and is proud to offer free classes to the community. In each presentation, Alejandro leaves a little piece of Mexico for the audience to enjoy.


Mr. Góngora has performed for ambassadors, diplomats, dignitaries, and cultural attachés at events such as President Obama's Proclamation of National Hispanic Heritage Month (2016) and the Embassy of Mexico's Independence Day Gala (2018). Additionally, he completed 72 hours of mastery level folklórico instruction from Amalia Viviana Basanta Hernandez, daughter of legendary choreographer and founder of the Ballet Folklórico de México, Amalia Hernandez.



Alejandro’s creative instincts were first fueled by his upbringing in an Mexican immigrant working class home with musicians, actors, artists, and bakers as family members. His passion for dance and folk art started after his family moved to a suburb outside of San Diego, California where he joined a free folklórico club in High School. Folklórico classmates, parents, and educators quickly developed into a significat community in Alejandro's personal development.


Since then, Alejandro trained with folklórico experts from: Compañía de Danza Ticuan (Tijuana, Mexico, 2006), Instituto Mazatlán Bellas Artes (Sacramento, CA, 2007, 2009), Raíces de mi Tierra de UCSB (2008-2013), Grandeza Mexicana Folk Ballet Company (Los Angeles, CA, 2012), Ballet de Mexico New York (City, Chicago, Tulsa, 2018). Alejandro received three years of ballet training at the University of California, Santa Barbara and one year at Isadora Centro Danza (Bologna, Italy 2010-2011).


He has a Masters of Science in Public Policy & Management from Carnegie Mellon University and a B.A. in Sociology and Italian Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Alejandro is the founder and Producing Artistic Director of Corazón Folklórico Dance Company.